Church History

“.......upon this rock I will build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”


King’s Highway Deliverance Church International formerly King’s Highway Deliverance Church of God In Christ was founded November 17th, 1981, by our Pastor, Bishop Michael C. Butler, Sr., under the unction of the Holy Ghost. 

We are dedicated to the teachings and beliefs in the Triune God Head, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, the Three that are One.  

The growth of the membership, after it’s organization, was seen gradually, and by the mid-90’s the membership had grown tremendously.  

Under the Pastor’s leadership several ministries have been added and partnerships have been formed with several community organizations, even several overseas. 

Our daycare ministry was opened in 2000 under the leadership of our very own Evangelist Michele Butler.  Since then, the daycare’s enrollment has grown and is now under the direction and leadership of Bishop Butler, Evangelist Tarsha Bailey and Angela Hoffman. 

In 2005, Bishop Butler’s time to expand his ministry came full fold again.  This time the man of God listened, and moved as God had told him.  In one of his many testimonies, you will hear him speak of how God told him to start a church in Lansing, Michigan years ago, and at that time, God had already given him 30 members to support the church.  

In September 2005, we held our first service in Lansing, Michigan, and God has blessed our East Location. 

Today, we welcome you into the King’s Highway Deliverance Church International church family.  We encourage you to become a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ through Bible study, Prayer Meditation and fellowship.  As you grow and begin to put on the Whole Armor of God, you will become fully equipped to carry the plan of God and His purpose for your life and those come in contact with.   





Contact Information

East Location
(Lansing, MI)

West Locations
(Gary, IN)

King's Care Daycare
(west location ONLY)

  • Phone:
  • Hours of Operation
    7am- 7pm Monday- Friday


Fresh Manna Every Tuesday Morning
at 8am central time with Bishop Butler


Service Times

East Location
(Lansing, MI)

  • Sunday Morning Sunday School:
  • Morning Worship:
  • Wednesday Night Bible Study:

West Location
(Gary, IN

  • Sunday Morning Sunday School:
  • Sunday Morning Worship:
  • Sunday Night Live:
  • Tuesday Night TNT: